Ron Burgundy Talks All Things England & 'Harry Potter' on Podcast

"The Ron Burgundy Podcast"

"The Ron Burgundy Podcast"

It seems that with each Royal wedding and Royal baby born, more and more people are interested in anything having to do with the Royal family. But, what about their native country? England is rich with history, and on the latest episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast," the San Diego news man learns everything there is to know about England and English Culture.

Joined by special guest Bea, who is a woman from Bradford, England, Burgundy and Carolina learn about all the different English dialects, traditional English food, Harry Potter, and more. Take a look at some of the highlights below.

On how many dialects of English there are:

Bea: "I think on last check on Google it was 160 [dialects]. I'm very interested in this kind of thing. 'Cause my dialect's quite unusual. You might think it just sounds a little bit confusing. That's because, you know, when you're from England, you could just live like a mile away from someone and sound completely different."

On traditional English food:

Ron: "Why is English food so bad?"

Bea: "I think English food is very practical. So, England is kind of just like this cold, rocky island in the middle of the sea, so the food ... it's really about it being kind of stodgy, keeping you warm, keeping you full, rather than like a culinary experience."

On Harry Potter:

Ron: "So, Harry Potter. It's a movie, but some of the magic has to be real. You know? It just has to be. I mean, what do you think? Do most people carry wands in England in case of an emergency?

Bea: "No, English people are very sensible. There's really no magic. I definitely don't think people carry wands. Although, our passports do have unicorns on them."

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